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Automate technical calculations with PTC Mathcad

"PTC Mathcad combines text processing, spreadsheet calculation and a formula editor in only one clear program"

As an structural engineer, there are always situations in your tasks where no fitting software solution is available. In those situations, you usually have to do the calculation manually by using a pocket calculator, Word and Excel. In many cases this is an annoying and boring work.

But this musn’t be the final solution! Using PTC Mathcad, you get a perfect tool to automate these manual calculations.

With Mathcad you can create calculation documents with texts, images and formulas easily. Similar to word processing, but the formulas are automatically correct and after a change in the document, everything will be calculated again and the final calculation is finished… completely without any manual calculations and without programming. Couldn’t be easier.

Visit our Mathcad Website for more information, examples and the possibility for a free trial.

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This offer is valid until 22.12.2017 to 12:00 (CEST).