SolidWeld - Weld design in 3D with Creo Elements/Direct Modeling

Well planned is half done. This applies to the designing of welds just as it does to all other aspects of life. With SolidWeld for Creo Elements/Direct, weld design is easy and you create welds directly in the 3D model....

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Apps for Creo Elements/Direct Modeling - Online Trainings September

The trainings are offered as interactive hands-on trainings. All participants receive the model files and materials used in the training in advance and can thus follow the taught learning content live. Since the number of participants is also small in the online training courses, a pleasant....

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Triple Sale - Save up to 50% from June 19 until August 31, 2021

With our apps for creo elements/direct, we offer you powerful extensions that significantly expand the performance for the fields of steel, plant and mechanical engineering, and the user-friendly functions....

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Performance meets practice - New video series on the apps for creo elements/direct

Theory is good, practice is better. This could be the motto of our new video series, as it shows the use of SolidSteel, SolidPipe and the Part Assistant in short videos using a practical example from plant/vessel construction. Don't be fooled by the shortness of the videos...

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Update Version 7.0.6 - Neu functions for the BOM Assistant

The BOM Assistant for creo elements/direct has always been a reliable partner for exporting flexible bills of materials according to your own specifications. With the current update, a new export function for exporting according to the DSTV standard for BOMs has been added....

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Update Version 7.0.6 - Neue Funktionen für SolidSteel

In addition to general improvements, the functionality of SolidSteel for creo elements/direct has been greatly expanded with the update 7.0.6, especially in the area of NC data....

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Important note - the use of creo elements/direct under Windows 10

Important note for the use of creo elements/direct under Windows 10 - Workaround for incorrect rendering of icons

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Apps for Creo Elements/Direct Modeling - Jetzt mit Return to Support sparen

As a supplement to the current RTG program, we are offering you attractive conditions for returning to the maintenance of our apps for creo elements / direct with our Return To Support.

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Klietsch Modeling Apps Update - New Patch of our solutions available

Our Add-Ins for PTC Creo Elements / Direct Modeling in the new version 7.0.5 are now available for download.

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Klietsch Modeling Apps Version 7 - New Update of our solutions is available

From now on, our Add On’s for PTC Creo Elements/Direct Modeling a available for download in the latest version 7.0.

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