SolidSteel parametric 3.0 the new Version

For the current version of SolidSteel parametric for SOLIDWORKS, new functions have been developed, existing functions have been extended, the user interface & drawing functions have been improved and many things have been optimized. Here is a short overview of the new features.

The facade module

The brand new facade module is a good partner when it comes to roof and wall cladding. Completely integrated and, of course, parametric, the construction is quick and uncomplicated. To cover a surface with modules, only a 2D sketch with the outlines has to be selected. The intelligent SolidSteel algorithm distributes the modules on the surface, taking account of their maximum lengths.

Required cutouts for e.g. light bands, windows, doors, gates are easily added and intersections between components are created with a few clicks. If cutouts are to be added to the surface, they can be taken into account directly in the 2D sketch described above. In addition, it is possible to align the facade elements to one of the cutouts (e.g. a gate) instead of the outer contour. This makes it possible to avoid large recesses in the elements and to save offcuts.

Bended sheets

Functions for easily adding details such as flashings for ridges, eaves, window sills, corners and more will complete your design. Regardless of the complexity of the machining operations, the metal sheets can be added conveniently to the design with just a few clicks. For this purpose, two main directions are defined in the part template. During the design, the bending angle is then automatically determined by selecting two surfaces and the component is added to the design without further manual processing.

Cold formed sections

Cold formed sections are possible, e.g. as C & Z profiles according to standard, but can also be quickly and easily supplemented with your own profiles for daily use thanks to the possibility of dynamically extending the database. All profiles in the database are already created as SOLIDWORKS sheet metal features. This means that they can be processed automatically and DXF data can be conveniently created from them or the NC data can be exported with the DSTV Assistant.

Custom railings

Many users are already familiar with the convenient stair module and the associated module for industrial railings and appreciate it for its ease of use. This popular function has been upgraded to include the Individual Railings area and now offers all the freedom in the design of railings as well.

The support for external references in the Assembly Manager

Since the first version of SolidSteel, the Assembly Manager has been used to conveniently reuse individual templates of entire construction parts such as wind braces, stage levels and the like. Thanks to the new function, it is now also possible to reuse external components such as individually shaped sheets with the Assembly Manager in such a way that the parts automatically re-adapt to the new situation.

Furthermore, the ribs/stiffener function has been extended, the drawing functions have been enhanced, the user interface has been optimized, extended output options for BOMs have been added, and of course the obligatory bug fixes have been made. In short, a lot of useful things have been added and the comfort has been improved - you will like SolidSteel 3.0!

Important installation notes

Existing customers with maintenance contract

SolidSteel parametric will notify you when updates are available.

In order to achieve a flawless installation, the following points must be observed as a matter of importance before starting the update:

The installation files for SolidSteel parametric 3.0 include* a file named "kl_ls.dat". Please overwrite the older file with the same name in the installation directory of the license server with the one from the installation package. 
Following the file exchange described above, the license server must be restarted. To do this, start the License Management Tool and perform the following steps:

1. Stop the license server by clicking the "Stop License Server" button.

2. Replace the file.

3. restart the license server by clicking the "Start License Server" button after the status had changed to "Stopped“

4. You can obtain the new passwords from the Klietsch PasswordCenter or from your sales partner. Please request "Update password" for a update version.

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