SolidSteel parametric for Siemens NX 2.0
the new version

A good two years after the launch of version 1.0 and many enhancements and improvements later, we are proud to present the new version 2.0 of SolidSteel parametric for Siemens NX!

SolidSteel parametric continues to stand for fully parametric CAD, 100% integrated in Siemens NX, specialized in steel and plant design and the mapping of the complete process chain up to bills of material, team center integration and linkage to structural analysis.

In addition to new features and bug fixes, the structure of the software has been optimized, greatly increasing both the general speed of SolidSteel parametric and especially the speed of parametric updates. Here is a short overview of the new features.

The framework module

In the Framework module, everything continues to revolve around creating the design quickly while retaining full flexibility at all times thanks to the parametric mode of operation.

The entire profile construction is covered and profile libraries from Germany (mm), USA (inch an mm) and Russia (mm) are already included in the scope of delivery, but can also be easily supplemented with your own profiles at any time.

Furthermore, the placed profiles can be cut with the framework module. For this purpose, various cutting options such as miter, notch or contour cutting are available. Surface cuts, part lists (parts lists such as saw lists, shipping lists, structural lists, etc.), general part recognition with geometric identical part recognition, material and assembly managers, and Team Center integration are also available. The Framework module provides a solid foundation for SolidSteel parametric for Siemens NX.

New features and improvements in the Framework module:

Material Manager, improvements in the assignment of materials and their transfer to the BOM Assistant.

Multiprofiles, improvements to the user interface based on existing functions from other modules. Here especially the possibility to place and rotate beams in all possible dependencies to other components

TeamCenter Support added

Enhancements for the SDNF Interface

  • Improved import and export with Diff. Module for recording changes that have occurred in material, size, etc., e.g. after calculation using structural analysis software

  • Import to zero point, for easier handling of sub-assemblies from large constructions

  • Known profile sizes can be created automatically, unknown sizes can be mapped in advance or dynamically to existing sizes

Enhancements for the BOM Assistant

  • Enhanced Equal Part Detection (making components unique again)

  • added screw dialog and screw export to BOM Assistant

The Connect Module

The Connect module provides the necessary connections for the framework. All typical connections for steel structures are covered here - and with a high level of detail that is in no way inferior to a completely manually drawn detailed design. This applies to standard connections, but also to user-specific connections that can be created quickly and easily, saved in the library and inserted again from there at any point.

Complex connections can be created with just a few clicks and currently the Connect module includes head plate connections, gusset plates, rib and butt plate connections, haunches, angle connections, tab connections, bearing plates and fasteners such as bolts, nuts and washers.

New features and improvements in the Connect module:

Material Manager, improvements in the assignment of materials and their transfer to the BOM Assistant.

Bolts & Fasteners added, with options to use standard bolts or own bolts/washers/nuts

Individual connections can be parametrically related not only to beams but also to other connections such as haunches, and are automatically adjusted as well when the reference component changes

New function "double clip angle connections" added

TeamCenter Support added

The NC Module

The NC Data Module enables the export of NC data in DSTV format, thus providing the interface to one of the most important subsequent processes of modern steel construction in the 21st century. The entire steel construction can be directly transferred to production in CAD accuracy, thereby avoiding transmission errors. Regardless of whether saw angles, notches or drill holes are involved, this data contains all the information required for production.

New features and improvements in the NC Data module:

Stability and export speed improvements

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