Creo 8 available now!
Information about the outstanding new features

The most important improvements in Creo 8

In the new Creo release, you can expect dozens of improvements to core design features that make your job easier, such as:

  • Usability and productivity improvements to core functions you will use every day

  • Improvements to detailing and MBD (Model-Based Definition) to enhance quality and communication of design intent

  • And improvements to simulation, generative design, and CAM to help take your design process to the next level

For example, we noticed during initial testing today the visually redesigned and now clearer tab surfaces in the design element selection menus. The sketcher of the drawing has also been significantly improved and now resembles the sketcher in the model, as the comparison on the following screenshots (each top old / bottom new) shows.

For more information see the following video and the PDF files:

The most important improvements
In the linked PDF you will find a detailed summary of the most important new features in Creo 8.

Using the linked checklist you can prepare yourself for a smooth update of your workstation.

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