Wind bracings and complex assemblies
Super easy with SolidSteel parametric for SOLIDWORKS

We are often asked whether SolidSteel parametric for SOLIDWORKS can also be used for wall bracing, roof bracing or bracing and wind bracing in general. The answer is clearly yes! However, in the menu of SolidSteel parametic you will not find an icon for a wind bracing. This is because there are no norms or standards for wind bracing and it is designed accordingly at the discretion of the structural engineer or designer.

SolidSteel parametric - Assembly Manager was developed exactly for such use cases. With this you can import external assemblies with a few clicks into the existing design as an independent copy and thus use it as a template again and again. After the import, the assembly must only be positioned. The imported assembly then adapts fully parametrically to the new installation situation and changes the size or shape if necessary.

In the following video, we show you how easy it is to insert a wind bracing with turnbuckles into a hall frame. Without having to design it manually.

As you could see in the video, bracings of all kinds can be imported into the design with just a few clicks. Since most companies only work with a few forms of bracing, creating the template files is also not a big effort, especially since this only has to be done once. The templates can be used again and again - regardless of the current project, of course.

Of course, the Assembly Manager can be used not only for wind braces, but also for complex railings with continuous handrail, ladders or even entire steel assemblies that can adapt their shape to a new installation situation. In addition to SolidSteel parametric parts, all parts modeled with SOLIDWORKS can also be used in the Assembly Manager. Due to the fact that external references are supported, external components such as individually shaped sheets can be used again and again with the Assembly Manager in such a way that the parts automatically adapt to the new situation. Translated with (free version)

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