AluFrame Assistant for SOLIDWORKS
New version 1.1.0 is now available

In addition to general stability and usability improvements, the new version mainly includes the following changes:

New Functions:

  • Parts of joints can be renamed during creation

  • There is a new dialog that can be used to list and delete joints and parts

  • End caps can also contain extruded cuts

  • Profiles can be cut with faces and planes

  • Custom properties of parts can be transfered to the bill of materials

  • Profile data (ID, mass, length, ...) can be saved to the custom properties

Improvements and error corrections

  • Joints are filtered more precisely during insertion

  • Profiles and parts don't appear in the list of recent files anymore

  • Errors while cutting multiple beams fixed

  • The most recent user input in dialogs is saved

  • It's possible to insert multiple joints in multiple positions at the same time

  • Errors in part equality detection fixed

  • Positional errors during end cap insertion fixed

To download the new version, contact your local reseller and our technical support.

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