Steel design software for a new CAD platform
SolidSteel parametric now available for Autodesk Inventor

One step closer to our vision of being able to offer SolidSteel parametric for all of the leading parametric CAD systems

Ingenieurgemeinschaft Klietsch GmbH, known to CAD users as "The Steel Builders", introduces a new steel design solution for Autodesk Inventor. The solution, SolidSteel parametric, is already available for other popular parametric CAD systems, expanding the company's product portfolio. The official launch will take place during Autodesk University 2023 in Las Vegas, USA.

The technology behind SolidSteel parametric is based on the proven concept of separating steel design parametrics from the system parametrics of the base system. By eliminating links and external references, performance is maintained even with large assemblies.

The introduction of SolidSteel parametric for Autodesk Inventor is an important step into the future for Klietsch GmbH. "Our vision is to offer SolidSteel parametric for all leading parametric CAD systems," emphasizes Product Manager Sebastian Klietsch.

With more than 50 years of market presence, Klietsch GmbH has always focused on further development and sometimes radical approaches. The new steelwork solution for Autodesk Inventor is available to all users as a full version free of charge, with only the number of possible typical steelwork connections limited. Otherwise, designs of any size can be created, and this limitation can be removed by a subscription to the premium version.

Klietsch is also breaking new ground in terms of distribution - SolidSteel parametric for Autodesk Inventor will be available exclusively through the company's well-established online store. Klietsch is also taking a radical approach to pricing: "The annual rental fee for the software is 490 euros," notes Managing Director Matthias Klietsch, adding: "Steel design is used in more CAD sectors than many people think. We want to make it possible for all users to work with a professional steel design solution".

SolidSteel parametric for Autodesk Inventor is expected to continue the success of thousands of installations on CAD workstations worldwide.

Press release SolidSteel parametric for Autodesk Inventor, Klietsch GmbH

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