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Are you looking for a new CAD solution? 3D or 2D? Parametrical or direct modeling? Including PDM, PLM or drawing management only? Integration with your PPS or ERP system?

Creo is a suite of CAD applications you can use to design products the way you want! Not the way your CAD tool requires. With Creo, you can create, analyze, view, and share designs downstream using 2D CAD, 3D CAD, parametric and direct modeling capabilities. Each Creo application shares the same user interface and is interoperable, meaning data can seamlessly transition from one to another.

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PTC Creo
Think different. Be more productive. Design smarter.

Creo parametric

PTC Creo Parametric (formerly Pro/Engineer) is the standard in 3D CAD and provides a wide range of powerful and flexible 3D CAD capabilities to help you address your most pressing design challenges including accommodating late stage changes, working with multi-CAD data and electromechanical design.

A scalable offering of integrated, parametric, 3D CAD, CAID, CAM, and CAE solutions allows you to design faster than ever, while maximizing innovation and quality to ultimately create exceptional products.

As part of the PTC Creo product family, PTC Creo Parametric can share data seamlessly with other PTC Creo apps. This means that no time is wasted on data translation and resulting errors are eliminated. Users can seamlessly move between different modes of modeling and 2D and 3D design data can easily move between apps while retaining design intent. This results in an unprecedented level of interoperability and delivers break-through productivity gains throughout many product development processes.

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Creo Elements/Direct Modeling

With Creo Elements/Direct Modeling you can make the most of direct modeling in 3D CAD.

Direct modeling is a lightweight, flexible design strategy that’s fast. If you want to modify geometry, click and use the drag-handle, or enter a new numeric value. That’s it. You can modify with complete freedom as to design intent. Because of this, direct modeling can be a potent source of competitive advantage when you need to change a model in record time or when it’s imperative to get your product to market first.

PTC Creo Elements Direct - Creo Elements/Direct Modeling is a mature product with the most comprehensive direct modeling capabilities on the market, as well as a full range of extensions to meet specialized needs. So bring on your most radical design change or that one-off product: the software is intuitive, robust and up to the task. Even with massive assemblies. Moreover, you or anyone on your team can pick up and work on a direct 3D product with minimal ramp-up time. Try it. And you can easily incorporate multi-CAD data from partners or suppliers and then go on to produce a digital prototype or proposal quickly.

When you’re facing down design challenges or in a race for time, you’ll appreciate how straightforward and flexible Creo Elements/Direct Modeling is. With Creo Elements Direct Modeling, the faster your product gets to market, the more rapidly revenue is generated for your business.

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