SolidSteel parametric for PTC Creo E/D Modeling

Parametric in Modeling.

SolidSteel parametric ist a parametric and powerful 3D CAD steelwork solution for PTC Creo Elements/Direct Modeling and is a perfect tool for all task areas of structural steel design like classic structural engineering, plant design or mechanical engineering.

By using SolidSteel parametric, you get many different functions for placing and modifying profiles and many possibilities to connect those profiles with typical steel connections. SolidSteel parametric can be used immediately after installation. The customarily used libraries for sections and connections are already preinstalled and can be used immediately, too.

The great choice

SolidSteel parametric is delivered with comprehensive section libraries as standard. They include many different section types (I, U, L, T...) with European and (in part) American dimension tables.

It is also possible to expand the section libraries. New sections can be easily defined for known section types by entering the dimensions in a convenient dialog window. Random shape sections such as e.g. aluminum sections for window construction can alternatively be included in the section library by simply clicking on the cross-section draft.

Section placement in the 3D model is especially easy. After selecting the required section, it can be installed in various ways either straight or bent, e.g. by clicking on a start and end point or by indicating a start point, length and direction or very easily by clicking on a system line. Additional options allow rotating sections by their individual axis or placement offset toward the axis.

Sections can also be edited very easily. You can extend, shorten sections, furnish them with bevel cuts, adjust them to random surfaces, furnish them with notches typical for steel construction or also process them completely at random ... your options are nearly unlimited.