User to connect with Similia Server

User Client for control of Similia


Faster Product Development

You will delight your customers and quickly gain a competitive advantage with the SIMLIA Software. Speed up your quotation. You avoid duplication, redundant master data, redundant data maintenance and avoid ling search times. You avoid multiple developments. You will save time and money and shorten your response times. You won't miss SIMILIA anymore. The software is multi - CAD capable and can be easily integrated into your systems. Worldwide and across platforms, it is ready for use in your company.

The Ease of use

Compared to some other technical software solutions in the field " Part management " the user interface of SIMILIA is intuitive and easy. With clear features you have all your data under control. Like from a cockpit. Within seconds, you achieve results in more than 100,000 CAD models, attributes and master data. You can filter arbitrarily, export to Excel spreadsheets, easily visualize, superimpose and compare. Easier and faster you will not find your desired data.

Better Partmanagement

SIMILIA among the most innovative and leading solutions in geometric similarity search and optimized parts management. It is the process accelerator for small, medium and large enterprises in the mechanical and plant engineering, the automotive sector and for parts manufacturer or job shop and other industries. SIMILIA ensures faster and more efficient processes in all product development phases, from costing to strategic purchasing.