SolidSteel parametric
3D structural steel design for Siemens NX

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What is SolidSteel parametric?

Different versions of CAD steelwork solutions existing for many years. Some are designed as independent solutions, others are presented as additional modules for standard CAD systems.

SolidSteel parametric also is an additional module or an app for standard CAD systems. In contrast to many other solutions, it's available for many CAD systems – what makes it so special.

SolidSteel parametric for NX is the 3D structural steel design solution for Siemens NX.

Ease of use

As the name already implies, SolidSteel parametric is a parametric steelwork system. This means that the whole construction will be adjusted to new circumstances, after changes are made subsequently. For example, if a column is put to a new position, the related components are adjusted appropriately. They are extended, shortened or twisted. If it's necessary, even the angles of inclination of related beams will be changed.

Those automatic changes run through the whole construction, also including all ports. Even the complex ports as frame corners with coves, head plates or ribs are adjusted automatically to the new and changed situation.

The technological base

The base of SolidSteel parametric consists of system lines. They are used as reference axes for the profiles afterwards. The system lines are connected to each other by intelligent connection points. They can be moved in space or along another system line.

The steelwork parametric is independent of the NX system parametric.

This enables SolidSteel parametric to run fast and performant. Furthermore, the steelwork data transfer with other SolidSteel parametric versions is possible without any problems.

Solid Steel parametric - Framework

You can realize complex steel constructions with the program package SolidSteel parametric - Framework.

With a few clicks, you create a framework of system lines, connected by intelligent connection points. Profiles are linked to the created system lines. You can choose the relative position to the system line.

SolidSteel parametric – Framework already includes the profile library SolidSteel Library.

Simple editing options are included in the Framework, too. Those options enable to cut the profiles at each other. They can be adjusted or cutted.

All information about the connections of the steelwork components are saved in the Framework. If the steel construction is changed, the app changes all the connected components automatically.

SolidSteel parametric – Framework also enables the import and export functions. With their help, you can import or export the whole steelwork construction, including the steelwork intelligence. The data exchange will be lossless. The chosen construction can be edited seamlessly after the import, even in other CAD systems.

SolidSteel Library

Framework includes the profile library for the Siemens NX Reuse Library.

To create a steel profile, you only have to choose the desired profile row, the size and the length as an input value. Afterwards, you can move the final profile into the construction.

SolidSteel parametric includes already a large amount of profile rows and the single profiles which they consist of. They include for example:

  • I, IPE, HE-A, HE-B, HE-M sections
  • U sections
  • L sections, isosceles and non-isosceles
  • Square tubes, rectangular tubes
  • round tubes
  • T sections
  • Z sections
  • KSK sections

The profile library can be extended by any number and any form of profile rows.

The configuration: Your decision.

SolidSteel parametric for NX is built modularly. You can choose the needed functions. Some workplaces only need some profiles by occasion. Here, the SolidSteel Library matches the requirements without the Framework and the steelwork parametric.

Some customers want to create a steel construction with all profiles in their right position. They wish for clearly cutted constructions without overlapping, but without ports and further processing of steelwork data. Those customers can choose Framework as a complete steelwork construction system without any restrictions.

Other customers need the complete steelwork from A to Z, including the Framework, the typical steelwork port detailing as well as the creation of NC data.

You choose flexibly which version you need!