3D CAD welding seams in PTC Creo Elements/Direct Modeling

create welding seams including welding seam preparation directly in the 3D model

welding seams

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welding seam detailing in 3d models

Use SolidWeld for detailed design of your 3D structures all the way to the welding seam. Graphically supported instructions for production, taking into consideration welding seams for FEM calculations, welding seam lists or providing data for welding robots are just some of the possible uses.

Just like all our products, SolidWeld puts the focus on features like simple operability:

select the required welding seam, enter the parameters of the seam (seam thickness, testing criteria, etc.), select the surfaces or edges to be welded - done!

SolidWeld - an overview of welding seams

SolidWeld is based on a comprehensive library with different weld seams.
Even non-standard but frequently used weldseam types such as e.g. fill welding seams for filling gaps with weld material are included in SolidWeld.

All welding seams can be placed in various ways along straight or bended edges with defined start and end points and also at intervals. The components being connected by a welding seam do not have to be laid directly next to each other but can also be separated by gaps.

automatic welding seam preparation

Some welding seams require a weld seam preparation, i.e. chamfering of the components. SolidWeld automatically undertakes the task of the the welding seam preparation for the affected components.

That is similar to the procedure for butt welds. For them, the components are processed automatically according to the selected welding seam type. At the same time, the sheets are automatically divided into 2 separate components that are connected through the new welding seam.

creating of welding seam BOM's

Welding seam lists can be generated automatically with SolidWeld. These lists are generated for a each selectable assembly and contain all information on the included welding seams, e.g. name, type, length or volume.

Length and volume information are added up and can thus be used for calculation purposes.

In addition, SolidWeld offers the possibility assigning additional attributes to welding seams. These can be e.g. information on necessary tests like surface crack detection or ultrasound test. According notes are also recorded in the weldseam lists.

welding seam symbols in the 2d drawings

SolidWeld also offers support for 2D drawing creation by a program part integrated in Annotation.

A click on a welding seam figure in the 2D drawing reads out the associated information of the 3D model and automatically generates the associated welding seam symbol. You only have to enter a point to place the icon - done!

The 2D welding seam symbols generated by SolidWeld are standard symbols of Annotation. That means you can use the standard Annotation functions at any time for editing or expanding, e.g. an amendment by labelling it as a surrounding welding seam or a assembly seam.