Pipe Bending Assistant
bended pipings & hydraulics in PTC Creo E/D Modeling

Hydraulic lines and any kind of bended pipes created direct in 3d model

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Process chain for bended pipings

With PIPE Bending Assistant, you can design all kinds of bended piping with the greatest of ease, e.g. hydraulic lines, bended railing rods or also empty conduits for electrical wiring.

In addition to the for the most part automated piping production, PIPE Bending Assistant offers extensive adjustment options for existing pipes and automatic generation of production data in the form of bending tables and NC data.

This makes PIPE Bending Assistant the ideal tool for the realisation of a complete process chain for bended piping – from draft to 3D model all the way to data output for the bending machine.

Create and edit pipings

PIPE Bending Assistant is based on section libraries for round pipes, hoses and round bars. The supplied catalogs can be expanded at random.

Determination of the piping route is conceivably easy and determined by the system points of the pipe axis. You can determine new system points with specific distances and directions, change direction or use existing geometry for orientation. Operation is analog to Standard Modeling operation, i.e. works with Standard Modeling dialog windows or the 3D copilot.

Subsequent changes to the piping are just as easy. You can insert, move or delete system points at any time and any place. The appropriate piping is updated automatically and adjusted to the new conditions.

It is also possible to process data of external suppliers. This data can be read in with the help of an interface and the appropriate piping created automatically.

Data for manufacturing

PIPE Bending Assistant offers several possibilities to prepare and export 3D construction data for production.

For control or manual bending, data can be output in the form of a bending table. The bending table includes some general information on the sections, material, weight and such as well as all essential production data like feed, stop, angle of rotation, bending angle, ...

Machine and section-dependent correction parameters can also be managed, if necessary. After the selection of a bending machine, the bending data are adjusted accordingly.

Alternatively to the bending table, the data can also be exported in the form of a coordinates table or as VDA format records or as PipeFAB XML file.

Fittings, mounted parts & more

You can also expand the piping routes created by PIPE Bending Assistant with piping add-on parts such as e.g. screw connections, hydraulic blocks or pipe clamps.

We recommend PART Assistant for the ideal organisation of such add-on parts. With PART Assistant, you can create individual parts classes such as e.g. screw connections, access existing parts in the Model Manager database or load components from integrated standard parts catalogs.

We recommend BOM Assistant for parts list generation. In addition to many other features, BOM Assistant automatically determines the bended pipe lengths and adopts them into the parts list.

PIPE Bending Assistant, PART Assistant & BOM Assistant ... the perfect solution for your tasks!