SIMILIA integration to the 3D CAD system

Find similar parts during construction. Without click. Autonomous.

Search similar parts in PTC Creo Elements/Direct Modeling.

Place the parts you've found to the right place. Immediately.

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Geometrical similarity search

In many cases it makes sense to find in the database automatically similar or equal parts … normally this is not possible with the existing search functions of the system.

Our partner Simuform has developed SIMILIA, a solution to find geometrical similar parts extremely fast in large databases.

SIMILIA CONNECT works as interface between PTC Creo Elements/Direct Modeling and SIMILIA. With this combination Modeling user get an integrated and powerful system for geometrical similarity search.

The user can decide about the look & feel of the solution. You can use SIMILIA as an external tool and PART Assistant as import/export interface. Alternatively there is also the possibility to run the complete searching process including graphical part selection in the PART Assistant … or you use the messenger which pops up automatically and shows similar parts.