Lattice XVL Converter
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Available for all usual CAD systems!


XVL player for free

There are different free and platform-spanning options available for loading and viewing XVL files.

Use the free XVL Player in Windows. XVL Player is designed as a plug-in for Internet Explorer and can display XVL files either directly or Web documents with embedded XVL files. Alternatively, there is also the 3D Reporter Viewer for the display of XVL data in Excel documents.

For mobile use, iXVL View and iXVL Player are two likewise free viewers for iPhone and iPad with a different range of functions. Both solutions can be loaded by the Apple app store.

for all common CAD systems

XVL Converter are plug-ins for CAD systems and other applications to enable the user to export XVL files directly from within the application. For example AD System zu exportieren. Zum Beispiel Creo, Solid Works, Inventor, Solid Edge and Siemens NX.

The XVL Format

The basis for all further processes is the XVL format. This is an extremely compressed 3D data format. The small file size makes XVL format is ideal for electronic transportation of 3D data, e.g. by e-mail or for Internet pages.

Despite the extreme compression, all essential information remains, e.g. colours, part names, module structures or scale. The free XVL Player, the viewer for XVL data, can even be used for measurements unless this option is explicitly switched off.

There is a whole number of products within the scope of the XVL product range that serve exclusively for the safety of XVL data. At that, the possibilities range from the simple shut-off of the measuring function to the allocation of an expiry date to the XVL file after which it can no longer be opened.