Visualization of 3D data with Lattice XVL
Experience new Possibilities with Lattice XVL

Logo - Lattice XVL Converter

Lattice XVL Converter

With Lattice XVL Converters you are able to translate all major CAD and 3D data formats into XVL, able to compress 3D data up to 0.5% of its original size.

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Lattice 3D Studio

Lattice3D Studio puts the power in the hands of the Technical Illustrator. Leveraging the CAD geometry, the Illustrator can focus on how to best visually communicate. Easily create standard illustrations with all the features you would expect or create interactive 3D illustrations.

Logo - Lattice 3D Reporter

Lattice 3D Reporter

With Lattice 3D Reporter you can easily import your 3D and XVL Data in a Excel Document. You can visualize BOM’s oder animate assembly instruction.

Logo - Lattice 3D Web Master

Lattice 3D Web Master

Create a new way of experience to the user of your website. Replace old 2D Images and take interactive 3D models, witch can be moved by the user itself.

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XVL Player

Use the free XVL PLayer on your Windows PC or notebook. For mobile use, iXVL View and iXVL Player are two likewise free viewers for iPhone and iPad with a different range of functions.