The DSTV Assistant
The perfect addition for SolidSteel parametric or SOLIDWORKS Weldments

The DSTV Assistant for SOLIDWORKS is an add-on module for SOLIDWORKS and allows to export DSTV NC data for the machine production of steel components such as profiles and sheet metal pars. Learn in this Blog how it can assist you with your SOLIDWORKS Weldments or SOLIDWORKS Structure System designs.

The DSTV Assistant for SOLIDWORKS not only works perfectly with the parts created by SolidSteel parametric for SOLIDWORKS - It is also the perfect complement for the SOLIDWORKS Weldments or the SOLIDWORKS Structure System.

For many customers, standard SOLIDWORKS structural steel functions are sufficient, but DSTV NC data is still required for fabricating steel components. This is no problem for the DSTV Assistant - it analyzes all bodies within the SOLIDWORKS multi-body part and thus individual NC data sets can be exported.

DSTV Assistant can automatically include user-defined properties of the parts, such as the profile type, item number or material, in the NC header information. Since the SOLIDWORKS welded assembly or the SOLIDWORKS structural system still works with a multi-body part, further processing of the meta data is of course limited to the properties of the part.

The following video uses a bit more complex welding frame to show how DSTV Assistant works in combination with the SOLIDWORKS welding assembly:

In addition to the pure export of DSTV NC data for manufacturing, there are also other analysis functions such as the costing module of the DSTV Assistant for SOLIDWORKS. Of course, these are also fully supported when working with multi-body parts.

Did you know? The DSTV Assistant can also analyze all other geometry imported into SOLIDWORKS such as STEP, IGES or SAT files. You can find all information here: Automation in steel trading companies with the DSTV Assistant for SOLIDWORKS