STAHL 2000 Updates - Simplified license server management and improved update system

With the release of the updated Launcher, improvements have been introduced that significantly increase usability, especially in the area of software updates, and clarity in the area of license management...

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Strategic partnerships create synergies - Klietsch strengthens development capabilities, Inneo takes over support for PTC product portfolio

As part of a strategic partnership, Inneo Solutions GmbH is taking over customer support for the PTC product portfolio and we are still available in all technical areas such as system configuration, programming of CAD solutions or Model Manager adaptations, ERP links, etc...

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Steeldesign, DSTV NC-Data, structural analysis and more - We invite you to the SOLIDWORKS STEELDAY on site in our headquarters, Siegen, Germany

Visit us and experience innovative software solutions for design, design-related structural analysis and production at first hand.

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IMPORTANT: Security vulnerability in Creo Elements/Direct License Server - Critical Security Vulnerability identified in Creo Elements/Direct License Server

PTC recommends updating the Creo Elements/Direct License Server to version or later, which fixes the issue...

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SolidSteel parametric for Autodesk Inventor - Version 1.2.1b

The update to v1.2.1b fixes minor bugs of the recently released version 1.2.0b...

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SolidSteel parametric for SOLIDWORKS release v6.0.0 - Faster learning and interactive exchange in version 6

With the new update to version 6.0, SolidSteel parametric for SOLIDWORKS has expanded its functionality and improved existing features...

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SolidSteel parametric for Autodesk Inventor - Version 1.2.0b

The new version of SolidSteel parametric for Autodesk Inventor offers new features and enhancements that further expand design capabilities, increase work speed, and save valuable time...

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SolidSteel parametric for Autodesk Inventor - Version 1.1.0b

Discover the next level of structural steel design!

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3DEXPERIENCE WORLD 2024 – Trade Show Special - On-site in Dallas, TX and also online.

Join us at 3DEXPERIENCEWORLD2024 to experience first-hand the latest innovations and developments from February 11-14, 2024.

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Apps for SOLIDWORKS Roadshow 2023/24 - On the road in Europe, Switzerland and the USA

It's time again for the Apps for SOLIDWORKS Roadshow. We are on the road for you and hopefully near you...

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