PART Assistant
standard part library & management for PTC Creo E/D Modeling

standard part library, part search, part management, profiles, connection elements and more

extendable profile library with placing and editing functions

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More than a standard part library

PART Assistant is a comprehensive solution for all tasks in the field of part management, connection elements, profiles and offers many functions which are generally used in machine, plant and steel construction processes.

With PART Assistant there are elaborated functions available to find your own parts, e.g. the individual classification, the graphical supported 1-click-database search or the integration of company specified ERP/PPS systems.

Furthermore PART Assistant optionally can be expanded by external part libraries, e.g. general part libraries or several manufacturer-specified libraries.

Supported by the optionally available SIMILIA integration, PART Assistant can be used as a system for geometrical similarity search.

The profile library allows the handling of sections of all kinds, e.g. complex shape plastic or aluminum sections. With the included steel sections, PART Assistant can be used immediately as a small steel construction system.

With the connection wizard, standard screw connections with screws, bolts and washers can be created automatically for the most part.

Search and find parts by classification

Use PART Assistant for the classification of your factory standard parts, generate favorite lists for frequently used parts.

With PART Assistant, you can create a classification tree with any number of classes and subclasses simply and easily and integrate parts or assemblies in these classes. Depending on the configuration, these parts are in the database or in the file system.

The user only has to go through the classification tree, look for familiar terms to find the required parts after a short time already. After selection, the parts are loaded and simply and easily integrated at the right position with the help of special placement functions.

If requested, classification structures already existing in the company can be stored automatically in the PART Assistant classification.

Ultra fast 1-Click data base search

You can also use PART Assistant to search for parts in the database ... directly from Modeling and without entry in the database menu.

Generate graphically oriented user menu with icons for this and assign a database query to each menu item – each icon. These could e.g. be:

Search for all parts with the designation Kl* AND the material polyester

As a result, you will immediately get a current list with parts that match the search condition. After selection, the part or the assembly is loaded and simply and quickly installed at the right position with the help of the special placement functions... it could not be easier and quicker!

Sections & steelwork

PART Assistant also includes a section library as well as a number of section placement and processing functions.

The section library already contains a complete line of customary steel sections as standard but can also be expanded with random shape cross-sections, if necessary, e.g. complex shape aluminum sections.

The placement of sections is especially easy. After selection, the sections can be placed at the required position with various options, e.g. through the specification of start and end point or start point, direction and length. There are additional options for axle offset, offsets or twisting around the individual axis.

Sections can be optionally laid as straight or bent sections and even be processed subsequently. Functions for trimming, alignment or automatic mitre cuts are available, for instance.

The connection wizard

With the connection wizard, you can select individual bolts, nuts or washers and place them on the 3D model or install a complete bolt connection.

Clamping length tables for the screws are also stored in the database of the connection means. This allows the system to automatically determine the required screw lengths.

The bolt connections can either be placed individually or as axial or radial patterns. The required bore holes are created automatically by the connection wizard, if required.

You can use the data center on our Internet site to expand bolt data library.