PTC Creo Elements/Direct Modeling

Direct Modeling

Creo Elements/Direct Modeling’s direct approach to 3D design is ideal for companies that need a lightweight and flexible design strategy to shorten design cycles and quickly create one-off product designs.

Faster design cycles

A direct design approach saves you time because it offers immediate, on-the-fly interaction with your geometry. Plus, this approach captures information economically and embeds it in the model definition, resulting in enhanced development speed. You can use that faster development to add iterations, improve quality in your design, get to market earlier, and extend your product’s market life. You decide how it best serves your business needs.


Flexible for unexpected and radical changes

Companies that develop one-off product designs (e.g., one of-a-kind, new-to-market, or custom design-to-order products) face rapidly changing requirements throughout the design cycle. Creo Elements/Direct Modeling enables you to make unexpected changes faster and more frequently . You are also able to make these changes later into the design process.

Flexible design teams

With Creo Elements/Direct Modeling, any team member can pick up and work on a direct 3D product design in the same way that anyone can pick up and work on a Microsoft Word document. As a result, design responsibility is easily reassigned when different engineers, or even engineering teams, become unavailable during the course of a project.

Flexible for working with multi-source CAD data

A direct 3D CAD system excels at the import and modification of multi-source CAD data, benefiting companies working across an extended supply chain for procured components or subcontracted design.

Easiest approach

A direct approach is considered by professionals to be the easiest 3D CAD method to learn and use because you interact directly and intuitively with the model geometry. A direct approach makes 3D design creation and modi cation fast, easy, and exible. You can rapidly evolve a product design in unpredictable and new directions when modi cations cannot be anticipated in advance.