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AluFrame Assistant for SOLIDWORKS

Aluminium profile design

The AluFrame Assistant is a parametric 3D CAD software solution which is integrated into SOLIDWORKS by 100%. With the powerful and user-friendly design functionalities for aluminium profiles and connections of different famous manufacturers there are no limits to your creativity.

Create complex designs including the typical connection parts with or without boreholes fast and efficient. Also after the design there are different possibilities to create bills of material, order lists, the creation of manufacturing drawings or the export of manufacturing data.

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The AluFrame Assistant is integrated into SOLIDWORKS by 100% and offers the possibility to do the aluminium profile design right beside the mechanical engineering process within SOLIDWORKS.

For adding new profiles we created a preview functions. After selecting the system line a virtual profil appears. Now the orientation or the type can be changed and only after clicking apply the profile will be placed.

In default delivery of AluFrame Assistant there are thousands of profiles from different manufacturers. If a profile is missing, you can add it easily to the library. To there are all possibilities available.


Comfort was very important for the design process. With AluFrame Assistant for SOLIDWORKS the typical connections can be placed within some seconds. Additionally all the necessary things like boreholes or profile trims will be done automatically.

Beside the standard connections of the different manufacturers it is possible to add connections to any degree of complexity. This is a one-time process and afterwards the connection is available in the library. So you are not limited to single manufacturers or given ways of design.

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The AluFrame Assistant is a SOLIDWORKS add-on module and is ready for use immediately after installation. In addition to all the functions and the potential to save a lot of time in construction, the AluFrame Assistant for SOLIDWORKS impresses with its ease of use and great convenience. Do not hesitate to contact us.