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Export of DSTV NC data
Directly from SOLIDWORKS

With the DSTV Assistant for SOLIDWORKS, you can export NC data from steel components (profiles and sheets) in DSTV format directly from SOLIDWORKS and pass them on to machine production. You can transfer NC data directly from SolidSteel parametric, SOLIDWORKS weldments, SOLIDWORKS Structure System (from 2019) or export any imported files such as STEP, IGES etc.

The DSTV Assistant can be used either directly in the design department or in the classic way in work preparation and can be seamlessly integrated into internal processes.

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The DSTV Assistant is directly integrated in SOLIDWORKS and can be used by any user with basic SOLIDWORKS knowledge. During development, special emphasis was placed on implementing as many functions as possible in the familiar SOLIDWORKS environment and in uniform Property Manager Pages (PMP).

The installation takes place via a comfortable installation program which explains all necessary steps. The DSTV Assistant is only available as a network license and thus the licenses can be distributed within the company network as required.

clever Functions

If NC data need to be generated from a 3D solid body, the DSTV Assistant analyzes the component and determines the profile type or sheet orientation as well as all processing such as holes, cutouts, chamfers and many more. Thanks to the intelligent functions, the NC data in DSTV format can be generated very quickly and automatically. However, if, for example, the profile type is not known or the sheet metal alignment is not clear, manual entries by the user may be necessary. Here, too, the DSTV Assistant provides you with the best possible support with clearly structured queries for the missing information.

In summary, the DSTV Assistant is the perfect addition for all users who work with structural steel components in SOLIDWORKS and offers automatic functions for exporting NC data in DSTV directly from SOLIDWORKS. The source of the data is almost irrelevant as long as SOLIDWORKS can import the data and the volumes are clearly defined.

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