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SolidSteel parametric for SOLIDWORKS

Steelwork with SOLIDWORKS

SolidSteel parametric is a parametric 3D CAD steelwork solution, integrated into SOLIDWORKS by 100%. Using the powerful and user-friendly functions for constructions, there are no limits to your creativity. The software is not branch-specific and can be used for classic steelwork, as well as for plant and mechanical engineering.

Create complex steel constructions fast and efficient, including the typical steel connections. With SolidSteel parametric even complex connection types can be created with a few clicks and all connected beams will be extended, shortened or modified. Of course fully automatic and conforming to standards.

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SolidSteel parametric for SOLIDWORKS is not just a software solution for steelwork. It is integrated into SOLIDWORKS by 100%.

In the case of the user interface of SolidSteel parametric we adopted the way of the standard SOLIDWORKS user interfaces. So the user will not notice, that he is working with a third party software product.

With many functions its much faster to select several objects in only one step. Our new multi select function support makes the construction process faster, much easier and more comfortable.

For placing profiles we added a new preview function. After selecting the system line, the virtual profile will be visible immediately. Now you can change the position of the profile and the type. After clicking apply, the profile will be finally placed.

typical steel connections

Comfort was very important to us for the entire design process. With SolidSteel parametric for SOLIDWORKS, typical steel connections such as end plates, gusset plates or clip angle connections are not only placed within a few seconds - the intelligent selection of the software also enables the right end plate for the selected profile section, for example. Various libraries such as DAST are available for this purpose, which of course can be individually expanded as required.

In total, SolidSteel parametric can create over 500 different connections by combining different integrated functions. With the help of the SolidSteel parametric - Assembly Manager, entire assemblies such as wind bracing, K-bracing or other frequently used components can be added into the design as a template and automatically adapt to the new installation situation thanks to the parametric.

Through the intelligent use of SolidSteel parametric and SOLIDWORKS functions, the world of steel construction is open to you. All steel connection are already part of the smallest package of SolidSteel parametric.

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NC Data in DSTV Format

An important following process of a steel construction is the export of the NC data in DSTV Format. These data sets can be send directly to the manufacturing machines. No matter if sawing angles, cope cuts or boreholes. All these necessary information for manufacturing are stored in the NC data files.

The NC data module is available as an separated module for SolidSteel parametric for SOLIDWORKS.

bolted connections

During the creation of the typical steel connections, the bolts and complete bolt sets can be selected. Therefor we have our comfortable bolt assistant which is part of every SolidSteel parametric installation.

Additionally to single bolts, complete bolt sets can be selected. Those bolt sets can be arranged individually (number of washers and their position, number of nuts, length of the bolt and so on).

With default settings, the bolt dialogue assumes necessary values like the clamping length automatically from the 3D design. With changed of the design (for example: Thickness of an end plate has changed), the clamping length will be changed automatically. Of cause including the standard HV bolt sets.

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