Export of DSTV NC files
Feature Detail of SolidSteel parametric for Siemens NX

Export DSTV NC files right from Siemens NX by using SolidSteel parametric.

Many companies are on the way to a paperless office. A big step in this direction is to dispense with individual part drawings of the steel components. With the NC data module from SolidSteel parametric for Siemens NX, you can generate the NC files in DSTV format directly from your 3D model and pass it on to production or your supplier. This saves a lot of time when creating drawings, minimizes errors and saves money.

In 4 simple steps we explain how you can export the DSTV NC data directly from Siemens NX:

Complete the design

Before the manufacturing data can be exported, the design must of course be completely finished. With SolidSteel parametric for Siemens NX you can finish your structural steel design in detail in no time at all. Including all typical steel connections like boreholes, cope cuts and other.

Assigning NC attributes

In the second step, the NC attributes are assigned. These attributes such as material, order number, drawing number and others are then automatically written into the header properties of the DSTV NC file during the subsequent export and can be used for further processes.

Export of DSTV NC files

In the third and actually last step, the DSTV NC files are exported. All you have to do is to start the export function. Since all properties are already known, you only have to select in the menu which cross-sections are to be exported. Optionally, of course, all cross-sections can also be exported at once. With a click on "Apply", all DSTV NC files are now written to the selected storage location.

Check of the NC files

As with all manufacturing data, it is of course necessary to check that everything is correct. A viewer software or a check with the postprocessor of your production machine is recommended for this. If everything is correct, the parts can be produced directly. Without any drawing.

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