SIMILIA Boxed Edition
SIMILIA as complete package in a box

geometrical similarity search for smaller business.

Complete Package including a Server & Client-license.

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SIMILIA as complete package in a box

The SIMILIA Boxed Edition is a complete solution for the geometric similarity search … ready to use directly after installation, including the fully configured database!

The SIMILIA Boxed Edition is only available as package for a fixed price…no extra costs for add-on modules or additional services! The only exception may be native CAD interfaces, if desired.

The SIMILIA Boxed Edition was designed for small companies that do not require integration into an IT environment. Your 3d cad data are now stored in a local filesystem or on the network? They can remain there. Your workflow remains as it is – but your work will be more efficient - guaranteed!

By the preconfigured automated service GIS (Geometry Integration Service) all 3d cad data from directory are indexed recursively. The index (digital fingerprint) is stored in the included SQL database. Within a short time the software can be used productively. The directory structure will be checked time-controlled and the database updated for searching. By this way your search results will be always up to date.

SIMILIA configuration

The SIMILIA Boxed Edition can work with nearly all established cad systems and is from there largely independent of the used cad system.

After changing the cad system, in general SIMILIA can be used immediately with the new cad system.

SIMILIA can also be used stand-alone without a cad system, e.g. in departments like production planning or purchasing.

By default SIMILIA works with STEP data which can be provided nearly by any cad system. SIMILIA creates with these data the digital fingerprint, which is used for comparing the geometric similarity. Alternatively to the STEP data format SIMILIA can work with nearly all usual native cad formats. For many native cad formats fitting interfaces are available optional.

Geometrical similarity search with SIMILIA

With SIMILIA a powerful tool for the geometric similarity search is available for you.

SIMILIA is a product of Simuform GmbH and offers with a sophisticated indexing, visualization and search technology unknown possibilities for the identification of geometrically similar parts or assemblies.

The application is very easy and convenient, because all the technology is hidden in the background and you as user work only with the clear styled user interface of SIMILIA or the user interface of the cad integration for SIMILIA.

SIMILIA can be implemented with little effort and within shortest time in your company and will be amortized usually already after a few months.

SIMILIA saves time and money

Avoid double work! With SIMILIA you can find same or similar parts in your database which can be loaded easy into the current 3d model. You save construction time and can use existing data from follow-up processes such as drawings, bills of material or NC data.

Avoid search time! With SIMILIA you can find parts or assemblies because of their geometric similarity. You don’t lose time by long search-processes on the file system, in classification trees or by incorrect names.