Lattice 3D Studio
create interactive models

Automatic creation of exploded views combined with BOM data.

With XVL Studio placing coss-sections and saving as snapshots


The XVL Studio

Lattice3D Studio gives the user the ability to create powerful work instructions which are linked to accurate product geometry which may include animations. Lattice3D Studio also automates much of the task by creating part paths for assembly and disassembly and automatic camera positioning for optimal viewing of the step. 

Lattice3D Studio puts the power in the hands of the Technical Illustrator. Leveraging the CAD geometry, the Illustrator can focus on how to best visually communicate. Easily create standard illustrations with all the features you would expect or create interactive 3D illustrations. Now supporting 3D PDF.

It can be used to model entire processes. For instance, the entire assembly process can be modeled in order to validate a design before moving into manufacturing (design for manufacturing). Using Lattice3D Studio, models of tooling and fixtures can be included in the XVL model -- even human mannequins with realistic movement can be included.

Versions of XVL Studio (Basic, Standard & Pro)

Lattice3D Studio Basic includes basic 3D editing and authoring capabilities including measurement, annotation, cross-sectioning and more. The Standard version comes up with Basic plus work instructions, animations, process definitions and more. Lattice3D Studio Pro includes Standard plus interference checking & clearance analysis.

Add On's

Annotation View
Add markups to multiple 3D views. Annotation view is usually used as a collaboration tool in design review process.

Electrical Routing
Add accurate electrical routing including Wires, cables and connectors in your 3D model. Including measurements, Bundling and connections.

Geometry differences
Rapidly compare different versions of the same design data and assemblies, with results delivered in visual color map and list formats.

Add human models and test interaction with manufacturing designs.