Apps for PTC Creo Elements/Direct Modeling
Add On's for steel, plant and mechanical engineering

Logo - SolidSteel


SolidSteel is a powerful and comprehensive 3D CAD steel construction solution for PTC Creo Elements/Direct Modeling and suitable for all areas of steel construction.

Logo - SolidPipe


With SolidPipe, you can expand your PTC Creo Elements/Direct Modeling into a powerful 3D design system for tank and pipeline construction.

Logo - SolidWeld


Use SolidWeld for detailed design of your 3D structures all the way to the welding seam. Graphically supported instructions for production, taking into consideration welding seams for FEM calculations and more.

Logo - SolidTube


You can edit the pipe intersections suitable for laser processing with the editing functions of SolidTube.

Logo - DSTV Assistant

DSTV Assistant

With the DSTV Assistant you are able to export DSTV NC data in minutes. Thanks to the integrated comfort functions for import, export and editing of originals, you get full control over the complete workflow and speed up the time from design to production.

Logo - PART Assistant

PART Assistant

PART Assistant is a comprehensive solution for all tasks in the field of part management, connection elements, profiles and others.

Logo - Pipe Bending Assistant

Pipe Bending Assistant

With PIPE Bending Assistant, you can design all kinds of bended piping with the greatest of ease, e.g. hydraulic lines, bended railing rods or also empty conduits for electrical wiring.

Logo - BOM Assistant

BOM Assistant

BOM Assistant gives you the completed parts list, sorted on assemblies at choice, with subtotals and even with data from the Model Manager for each configuration.