Public holiday and extended weekend - Limited accessibility on May 14, 2021

Ascension Day on Thursday, May 13, and the resulting extended weekend, will limit the availability of our employees on Friday, May 14.

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FeatureDetail - Endplate connections in SolidSteel parametric for Siemens NX

SolidSteel parametric for Siemens NX provides you with a powerful overall package for planning your steel structures. One of the tools included in SolidSteel is the end plate tool, which we would like to introduce to you today. The results of the tool....

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DSTV Assistant for SOLIDWORKS - New version 1.1.0 now available

The new version essentially contains the following new functions and improvements....

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PTC Software Update - Creo 8 is now available

In the new Creo release, you can expect dozens of improvements to core design features that make your job easier, such as....

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New version available - SolidSteel parametric for SOLIDWORKS Version 3.1.0

A few weeks after the release of the new version 3.0.0, the new version 3.1.0 of SolidSteel parametric for SOLIDWORKS is available now for all users....

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FeatureDetail - Profile Offsets in SolidSteel parametric for Siemens NX

Often it is the small functions that make the design work easier. The functions for parallel offsets and individual offsets in SolidSteel parametric...

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Creo Update - Watch the Creo 8 sneak peek!

Creo 8 helps you design better products faster, with intuitive workflows to improve productivity and usability. This new version also provides new tools for Model-Based Definition, manufacturing, simulation....

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Easter is just around the corner - Enjoy the holidays and stay healthy

For more than a year we have been confronted with the Corona pandemic and who would have thought last Easter that this would still be the topic one year later? Probably few. Through it all, we have remained optimistic...

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New version available - SolidSteel parametric for Siemens NX Version 2.0

A good two years after the launch of version 1.0 and many enhancements and improvements later, we are proud to present the new version 2.0 of SolidSteel parametric for Siemens NX! SolidSteel parametric continues to stand for fully parametric CAD, 100% integrated in Siemens NX, specialized in steel and plant design and the mapping of the complete process chain...

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FeatureDetail - Ribs and Stiffeners with SolidSteel parametric for Siemens NX

See in our new video how easy and fast ribs / bracings in different types and orientations are designed with SolidSteel parametric.

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