Structural Engineering Software
Software for technical calculations and statics in steelwork

Logo - Program Suite <i>Framework</i>

Program Suite Framework

Contains: 2D Framework EC, Hall Frame EC, Monopitch Roof Frame EC, Gable Wall EC

Logo - Program Suite <i>Static Analysis</i>

Program Suite Static Analysis

Contains: Stability proofs EC, Connections EC, Roof Bracing EC, Wall Bracing EC, Roof Purlins EC, Framecorner EC und End Plates EC

Logo - Program Suite <i>Tools</i>

Program Suite Tools

Contains: Foundations (DIN), Continuous Beams (DIN), Dimensioning (DIN), Trapezoidal Roof Sheets (DIN), Shear Field (DIN), Asymmetrical I-Sections and Conical Frame Columns.

Logo - Program Suite <i>Industrial Hall</i>

Program Suite Industrial Hall

Contains individual program Crane Runway Girder EC, Program Package Framework, Program Package Static Analysis and Program Package Tools

Logo - Crane runway girder EC

Crane runway girder EC

Crane girder EC is an extremely powerful tool for the structural analysis of crane girders.

Logo - 2D Framework EC

2D Framework EC

Whether it is a frame structure, a truss or a complex support structure, 2D Framework EC is the right tool for the job.

Logo - Hall Frame EC

Hall Frame EC

With the Hall Frames EC program, you can perform the structural analysis of a hall frame in just a few minutes.

Logo - Monopitch Roof Frame EC

Monopitch Roof Frame EC

With Monopitch Roof Frame EC, you can drastically reduce the time and effort required for the structural analysis of a monopitch roof frame.

Logo - Gable Wall EC

Gable Wall EC

Calculating a gable wall used to be one of the most unpleasant tasks in hall construction. Not anymore!

Logo - Stability Analyses EC

Stability Analyses EC

With this program the stability analysis becomes (almost) a trivial matter ... without complex inputs and without knowledge of exotic coefficients!

Logo - Connections EC

Connections EC

With the new program Connections EC, the design of common steel structure connections can be performed within the shortest time and with minimal effort.

Logo - Roof Bracing EC

Roof Bracing EC

With the program Roof Bracing EC you can create the complete structural analysis of a roof bracing for a steel hall within a few minutes.

Logo - Wall Bracing EC

Wall Bracing EC

The Wall Bracing program provides you with a powerful solution for the structural analysis of wall bracings.

Logo - Roof Purlins EC

Roof Purlins EC

With the new program Roof Purlins EC, the complete calculation and design of roof purlins can be performed within a very short time.

Logo - Framecorner EC

Framecorner EC

The new program Framecorner EC allows you to calculate and design a complete frame corner in a very short time. All design-relevant areas are verified, from the introduction of shear forces into the column to the connection at the transition between the track and the beam.

Logo - End Plates EC

End Plates EC

Structural analysis and design of flexurally rigid end plate connections, including access to standard DAST plates

Logo - Foundation


In many cases, the foundation design should be done in one step with the structural analysis of the steel design. The separate program Foundation is the right solution.